My reflexology training and case studies

My reflexology training and case studies

To gain an ITEC qualification in Reflexology requires completing 100 case studies, piece of cake I thought, can’t be that hard. It’s about three weekends into the course before you can really start your case studies properly as you need to learn the routine. This leaves less time than I anticipated to get them completed. I used as many family and friends as I could, but there comes a time where you have to put yourself out there, out of your comfort zone as that’s when you really start to learn. I advertised for free treatments using social media and to my naïve surprise I was inundated with replies. It was fantastic to have so many people wanting to be case studies, but the realisation of juggling all these appointments with my family commitments definitely hit me.

I booked my first treatment with a lovely lady I’d not met before. The night before I practiced setting my equipment up numerous times hoping I’d get it right the next day. On my arrival I set everything up well, I was a nervous wreck flapping about with my paperwork but the consultation and treatment went well. I only missed a few bits out of the routine!

Three months of working my socks off, seeing lots of feet, meeting lots of fantastic people, children, adults and the elderly and having their intrigued pets helping me, (including a parrot) I completed my 100th treatment!

There were times when I questioned why I was doing this and my ability to do it, it wasn’t easy at all. Times when I’d had 3 hours sleep and dragged myself out the house to do a treatment or five in one day! The support from my family, friends, our trainer and my fellow students helped me finish my course and I’m very grateful to everyone who leant me their feet to practice on.

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