My experience of reflexology

My experience of reflexology

I’ve never had a reflexology treatment before or even a massage, the thought of taking my clothes off and having a stranger touch me sends me running in the opposite direction! I could just about manage to take my shoes and socks off for my fellow colleagues to practice on me. Having desperately pumiced and moisturised my feet the night before our first day of training, I still felt slightly awkward sitting in a reclining chair with my feet in a strangers face wondering what they must think of my feet. I found it quite hard to switch my mind off, sitting there worrying about whether the kids had been fed on time and thinking about all the jobs I had to do. Everyone else had their eyes shut and seemed to relax straight into it, the trainer joked that she would have me falling asleep by the end of our training, (I don’t think so). I had a headache that evening as I forgot to drink water throughout the day and particularly after having reflexology all afternoon.

It turns out the trainer was right, by the second weekend I really felt myself relaxing as my feet were being worked on, I’m sure I actually nodded off and woke myself up snorting at one point but no one else seemed to notice thank goodness! In between training weekends we had many case studies to get through, juggling this with my family was difficult and each week my stress levels were rising. Another weekend of having reflexology and I left feeling totally relaxed, refreshed and ready for the week ahead. Each month my stress levels would rise, I had another weekend of training and reflexology treatments and I left feeling totally relaxed. By the time the course finished I realised how much I was enjoying having reflexology and I might actually have to contact one of my fellow students for a regular treatment swap once we are qualified. It made me realise that actually I don’t stop, or have much time out to fully relax and it’s really important and beneficial to do something relaxing for yourself.


  1. sarah chandler on October 16, 2017 at 10:19 am

    Hiya – ive just read your experience of your reflexology course – I started my ITEC reflex course yesterday – totally brain dead at the end of day – I’m already a massage therapist which I thought would help but having only until Feb to complete by case studies and get the routine I’m already starting to panic. I’m hoping that I will feel better when I get my fingers used to the walking, cant seem to get my thumb to do the correct thing at the moment – the tutor I know was getting abit perplexed with me but the other students have had a one more class than me last month (I missed the 1st class due to being on holiday) but I’m hoping with a lot of practice I will get it – hopefully by the time I go back to class next month (the course is 1 lesson per month – 6 months) – I even booked a reflexology treatment this week to see how it feels by a professional! If you can think of anything that I would benefit from I would appreciate it – I did contact the Reflexology Association but they haven’t been that quick in replying back to me. I’m hoping they would be like CThA and other reflexologists can help you via a forum. Sorry for going on – hopefully you might be able to help.


    • Emily on October 16, 2017 at 3:01 pm

      Hi Sarah thanks for sharing some of your training experience. It took me a good 60 feet before I felt like I was starting to get it. I will email you directly and help anyway I can. I highly recommend joining the Association of Reflexologists they have a great advice line and a very good members Facebook group.

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