Reflexology for autism, complex needs and ADHD

Reflexology for autism, complex needs and ADHD

Reflexology for Autism, complex needs and ADHD can be beneficial for children, it can help to calm, relax, release tension, anxiety, improve their sleep and focus.

Communication, patience and building a great relationship is important between the therapist you choose and your child. My son has autism with many associated conditions, which is where my passion for working in this area has developed. I’ve used reflexology with him since he was 2 years old and the benefits have amazed me. Something connects with him at a deeper level when I’m working on his feet.

I will visit your home so the surroundings are familiar, or you can visit me at the Acorn Wellbeing Centre in Bovingdon, Inspired in Kings Langley or at the Bagnall Centre for Integrated Health in Chesham which has disabled access. We don’t have to use my reflexology reclining chair, or massage couch, your sofa, floor, or a comfortable chair would be fine and I will work around your child’s needs and be guided by them.

Reflexology for autism, complex needs and ADHD can be done on the hands as well as the feet and is equally beneficial for your child. If you are worried they might not be able to sit still, it’s ok for your child to do anything they like to help them relax. Once they are comfortable they will really enjoy it and need less distraction to sit and participate.

I will also show you some techniques to use at home with your child, which can be used at anytime.

The main benefits of reflexology is promoting deep relaxation, this may help with releasing tension, calming, reduce stress and stress hormones, improve circulation, concentration and behaviour, ease over stimulation and aid sleep.

I am passionate about helping others and their families through what can be very stressful times. I understand each person is different and each day can sometimes be unpredictable, that over stimulation, changes in routine and unfamiliarity can cause anxiety and distress. I am very flexible with my approach and will adapt the treatment to suit the child’s individual needs.

Please contact me with any questions that you may have. I am willing to travel further outside of the normal business areas, however there will be an additional charge.

Please visit our Functional Reflexology Training page to read about how you can learn an adapted form of Reflexology to use at home whenever you need with your children.

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