Reflexology for babies is a relaxing way to bond with your baby. I will show you techniques to help calm your baby at home. It can help with many problems including colic, constipation and fussiness.

The first appointment will include a detailed consultation to establish any issues or concerns affecting your baby.

Being a mother myself I understand that babies often need breaks for feeding, changing or having a nap, please don't worry about this as I will work around your schedule and stay as long as needed to complete the session.

Depending on the age of your baby the treatment may only last a short while. Afterwards I will discuss methods and ensure you have sufficient information to continue using reflexology with your baby to help sooth, relax and calm them.

I have been using reflexology on my own child as part of his bedtime routine. He enjoys it so much that he offers me his feet. I was so impressed with the calming results I videoed myself using reflexology to help him fall asleep. In this video you can see him playing with a toy, once I start using reflexology you can see him relaxing and enjoying it, he then happily rolls over and goes to sleep. He doesn't always fall asleep this easily, but as soon as I start touching his feet it relaxes him, helps him wind down from the day and to go to sleep. It also shows how much a baby can enjoy this lovely way of touch.