Holistic Therapies Supporting Mental Health

Holistic Therapies Supporting Mental Health


Therapies such as Reflexology, Massage, Mindfulness, Yoga and many more are becoming more popular in supporting stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, bereavement and other conditions. Giving you the space to rest and recuperate in a calming environment away from the busy stresses of the day. Reflexology and Massage are generally safe to have alongside talking therapies and medical treatment but please always seek advice from your GP.

Mind have detailed some more information on their website about how complementary therapies can support you, please click the image below to read more information.

Mind recommend therapists for Reflexology registered with the Association of Reflexologists for which we have full membership. Also for Therapy Directory and Federation of Holistic Therapies registrants for which we have full membership.

For the NHS Moodzone information and advice please click the image below,


Please note that Reflexology and Massage are not an alternative to medical assessment and treatment. If you are struggling with a mental health condition please seek medical advice from your GP.