Fertility Reflexology / IVF Support

I have  trained with Seren Natural Fertility in specialist reproductive reflexology techniques and am a full member of the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists ARR. This treatment aims to support people struggling with fertility problems, whether health related or unexplained.

For Fertility Reflexology / IVF support I work with couples or individuals, male and female and will also give advice on cycle charting, how to find your fertile window, interpreting and checking the results of any previous blood tests and semen analysis provided.

Referral to other professionals such as a nutritionist, acupuncturist, counsellor, private fertility clinic or SpermComet for advanced testing may be advised.



Fertility reflexology

Reflexology for  natural fertility

There are many reasons why couples may struggle to conceive. Fertility problems can be extremely stressful for both partners, which in itself can cause an enormous problem. Trying for a baby can become very consuming and pressured. It has been well researched that stress affects the hormonal balance in the body causing further fertility problems. Because reflexology is such a deeply relaxing treatment it may help to reduce these stress and adrenaline levels and re balance the body and hormones. It also helps to eliminate toxins, improve circulation and to prepare you physically and emotionally when trying to conceive, including prior to starting, or going through assisted conception treatments.

The purpose of fertility reflexology is to support you to have the healthiest environment for conception to occur. This is even more important if your chances of conception are reduced through conditions such as PCOS, Endometriosis or a hormone imbalance. It is really important that a woman charts her cycles using body temperature, cervical mucous and other factors to determine her ovulation and fertile window. By charting your cycle it can also highlight other areas of concern such as a hormone deficiency, ovulation and body temperature problems, all of which need to be correct to allow pregnancy to occur. I can show you how to chart your cycle and help to interpret the results.

Sub Fertility ProblemsFullSizeRender

Sub Fertility is an inbetween state where couples are neither infertile nor can they conceive. There are many factors which can cause sub fertility conception problems, particularly emotional and physical which interlink closely.

Emotional - Stress, fear, previous traumatic experiences.

Physical - Strsss, nutrition, types of employment, toxins, lifestyle and health.

The benefits of reflexology and lifestyle changes help to create a balanced mind and body for the best environment for conception to occur.

Assisted Conception

The process of going through assisted conception can also cause emotional and physical problems, which in turn do not allow the body to be in the optimum state for a successful procedure. The predominant issues are  physical stress on the body from synthetic drugs, emotional stress and exhaustion from the whole process and the desire to conceive.

The balancing and calming qualities of fertility reflexology may help to reduce stress and balance the body.

It is recommended that reflexology and other lifestyle changes such as nutrition are started three months prior to commencing any medical procedures, to reduces stress and to give your body the best opportunity to produce good quality eggs. However, reflexology may still be very beneficial at any stage of the process.

The process of assisted conception usually starts with drugs to regulate the hormonal system where the reproductive system is shut down. Reflexology IMG_1215may help to eliminate toxins in this period and may help with reducing stress levels.

The next stage is the stimulating phase to ripen follicles for egg collection. At the end of this phase women usually have three scans. After the last scan, reflexology will not be given until after the egg collection process after which treatment can continue. This is a really important time as the stress hormone cortisone takes approx 24 hours to leave the blood stream. Cortisone does not support a hospitable womb environment for implantation, so it's important to be as healthy and relaxed as possible prior to the implantation.

At the stage of implantation, reflexology is usually stopped again, but can be continued to help with stress reduction, leaving out the uterus and associated reflexes.

Couples going through assisted conception will need to obtain consent from their consultant prior to receiving reflexology. As a therapist I will fully support you in your decisions about when to have reflexology.


Your initial appointment will include a very detailed consultation covering your health, lifestyle, nutrition and providing you with further information on fertility, this will take approximately 1-1\2 to 2 hours. It is much more beneficial if both partners can attend, but this is not a necessity. A plan will then be put together using regular reflexology and in some cases referrals to other agencies for advanced testing. Referral to other specialised therapies may be advised such as a nutritionist, acupuncture, yoga, meditation or hypnotherapy. Please note that for this type of reflexology your commitment is also needed to make the necessary changes to your health and lifestyle to support your fertility.

Please consult your GP or Consultant with regard to fertility problems, so that tests can be carried out for both partners and a diagnosis made regarding the cause of fertility problems.

Reflexology for fertility is not a medical treatment or a substitute for the medical treatment of infertility. Reflexology is to support you with stress reduction, relaxation , improved sleep, circulation and wellbeing all of which help to naturally support conception.

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