Fertility Coaching


Having fertility problems can leave you experiecing complete emotional turmoil. Whilst everyone else around you gets on with their lives and really does't appeaer to understand what you are going through physically and emotionally.

It seems everywhere you look pregnancy or babies appear causing further pain, sadness and frustration. Leaving you feeling isolated and alone. These emotions are contolling your whole life and you may find that it is starting to affect your relationships.

Finding yourself in a place where you are unsure whether you should still have hope or is it perhaps time to give up? Which feels unbearable, as having a baby is your greatest desire.

It can be really hard to put on a brave face and keep going when you are struggling with something so huge and impacing on your life and wellbeing.

Many of those around you includong close friends and family don’t understand, (or at least don’t appear to).

If you are connecting with what I have written you may be wondering how coaching can help you.

The Freedom Fertility Formula is a structured programme of six one to one sessions with me, to enable you to explore your emotions and their messages. To give you tools and techniques to manage them, take back control of your emotions and handle them in any situation you find yourself in.


The key elements

  • Reconnect with yourself and your loved ones
  • Feel more positive and optimistic
  • Improve self confidence and self esteem
  • Understand why you may be stress eating or drinking
  • Understanding your emotions and their messages
  • Let go of negative past experiences that may be holding you back
  • Learn how your subconscious mind controls your physical body
  • Manage upsetting situations
  • Bring joy back into your life
  • Move forwards positively embracing whatever the future brings


Working with me

Full Formula Package

6 x 60-90 minute one to one interactive sessions with tools and techniques to support you in moving forwards with your life.

Cost £270..00 paid in full, ( works out to be £45 per session).

Pay As You Go - Session by session

All the same content, but pay as you go for each session.

6 Sessions - Cost £50 per session.

Take back control of your life while still holding a space for your baby