About reflexology

Reflexology is a gentle therapy which is deeply relaxing. Treatments support and enhance your body’s own natural healing abilities.

It is based on the theory that reflex points on the feet and hands connect to organs and systems of the body. The therapist applies gentle pressure to these points using their hands to help rebalance, eliminate toxins and improve circulation. It is safe for all ages. There have been many reported benefits to having a reflexology treatment such as reduced stress and anxiety, deep relaxation, improved sleep and sense of well being.

To watch a short information video about reflexology please see the reflexology video section at the bottom of this page

Please click here to access a reflexology foot map provided by the Association of Reflexologists

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Reflexology therapy is not currently regulated in the UK, therefor anyone can state they are a reflexologist. There are varying degrees of training available, from an online course to a six month attendance course. To be a professional reflexologist all the  systems of the body and their processes need to be learnt in addition to all the reflex points. Members of the Association of Reflexologists have completed training to a high standard and adhere to their protocols with regard to further learning and keeping up to date with the latest information and techniques.